Thursday, 18 April 2013

Feather Tassle Necklace

Feather Tassle Necklace
 Feather Tassle Necklace

 Feather Tassle Necklace 

 Feather Tassle Necklace 

Feather Tassle Necklace by Storets

Make an interesting twist with to your style this Feather Tassle Necklace. A brass-tone necklace adds more vibrant touch to the design creating a smart look. Your usual office attire will never be the same with this stylish necklace. Works best with frilly tops and black blazers.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Body Fit Leggings

Body Fit Leggings

Body Fit Leggings

Body Fit Leggings

Body Fit Leggings

Body Fit Leggings

Body Fit Leggings by Storets

Feel the comfort of these leggings that evidently follow the curves of your body. Great for day-to-day wear that keeps in step with every move you make. These simple black body fit leggings looks great with simple shirts or long coats. Comfortable to wear which makes them fit for playtime moments.

*Link may not lead to product if it is no longer available.

Scallop Hem Lace Shift Dress

Scallop Hem Lace Shift Dress by Storets

The texture, color and construction are key when it comes to being well dressed. Let this dress do all the work or you. A sunny lace will place a smile on your face and on everyone that you come near when you show up beaming this chic shift dress. 

Starlight Tiered Chiffon Dress by Storets

The tiered flaps give this chiffon dress eye-catching motion. This dress with a romantic flowing overlay adds an elegant touch. Cinch the waist with a contrasting belt for an eye-popping accessorizing. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cold Shoulder Stud Blouse

Cold Shoulder Stud Blouse by Storets

This sheer, crisp white fabric and metal trim skirt inspire sartorial devotion. The studded collar gives this top an edgy finish while the cold shoulders add a bit of femininity. 

Puff Sleeve Blooming Dress

Puff Sleeve Blooming Dress by Storets

This spring perfect hue and print are intermixed with embroidered details. The puff sleeves just add to the excitement that this dress brings. Wear this to the beach or to a picnic for that classic yet modern 70s look. 

Stripe Lace Patch Bella Dress

Stripe Lace Patch Bella Dress by Storets

Classic yet unexpected, graphic yet soft. This dress delivers the best of both worlds while beckoning a cheerful wide brimmed hat. And to add to this playful attire, we urge your to color pop this dress with your choice of sprightly hued shoes. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Isabel Baroque Stretch Jeans

Isabel Baroque Stretch Jeans by Storets

Celebrate your feminine perspective in these printed jeans that conform to your body's curves and movements throughout the day. This modern skinny jean pairs perfectly with a flowly top, red gloss and wedge heels. 

Neon Daisy Embroidery Dress

Neon Daisy Embroidery Dress by Storets

Brighten your day in this dress as the neon hue electrifies this sleeveless blossoming floroal embroidery dress.  It is the prefect look for the date night and this mini dress soaks up a cheery seasonal hue. 

Jewel Embellished Blouse

Jewel Embellished Blouse by Storets

We all fancy a pre-accessorized top and this top definitely fits the description. The collar and shoulders glimmers and gleams from the crystal like jewels. 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Jewel Panel Bodycon Lace Dress

Jewel Panel Bodycon Lace Dress by Storets

A leggy, yet elegant look with a semisheer and jewel embellishment finish on the upper portion that draws the eye. This dress pulls lace from the time capsule to invite this vintage style laced dress into your present for a head turning statement. 

Oversized Organza Full Skirt

Oversized Organza Full Skirt by Storets

The sheer tulle over this solid skirt helps create a modern grown up tutu. Top it off with this cute mustache knit top, pink lips and a bow in your hair for a complete ensemble on the go. 

Peekaboo Baroque Dress

Peekaboo Baroque Dress by Storets

The front and back center slit dress shows off your legs with class and style. The front print, toned down with the black collar doesn't take too much attention from your legs while adding a bit of color and funk. 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Crouching Puma Shorts

Crouching Puma Shorts by Storets

These fierce shorts will have everyone begging for mercy. Top it with a simple top since the shorts themselves are powerful enough.

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Chain Around Open Front Coco Cardi

Chain Around Open Front Coco Cardi by Storets

You probably have never seen something like this. The intricately woven cardigan with fringe trimmed and gold chain edges will have you leaving breathless. 

Oriental Rose Skirt

Oriental Rose Skirt by Storets

This skirt portrays classic femininity with a modern twist. With a subtle but elegant color palette, enjoy them with anything you have. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Queen of Chess Blouse

Queen of Chess Blouse by Storets

The checkered and flower prints mesh beautifully in this flowy chiffon blouse. Paired with this daring red skirt for a complete ensemble to the office or out for a Sunday brunch. 

Stripe Sleeveless Parisienne Top

Stripe Sleeveless Parisienne Top by Storets

This shirt takes on the new nautical with this striped top. By combining this seasons favorite neutrals, maintain your refined attitude with a stack of silver bangles and neutral pumps. 

Cut-out Janette Blouse

Cut-out Janette Blouse by Storets

Pair bold, leather shorts with a cutout blouse for a punchy rocker look. The embroidered cutouts and the sheer look is the new stylish way to stay cool this summer. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Shirley Cropped Tweed Jacket

Shirley Cropped Tweed Jacket by Storets

Punch up your wardrobe wit this fringe trimmed tweed. No need to be alarmed out, the tweed jacket readies you with a powerfully poised look. Pair it with anything from jeans to pencil skirts. 

Charlet Unbalance Mermaid Dres

Charlet Unbalance Mermaid Dress by Storets

The pastel colors give of a classic and toned down look while the mermaid flare defines ones silhouette. The unbalanced front and back adds a bit of flirt and fun. 

High Waist Coco Shorts

High Waist Coco Shorts by Storets

This mixed fabric shorts offers a relaxed yet still romantic alternative to a dress. Switch from flat sandals to metallic pumps for a day-to-night transformation.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lace Shoulder Oversized Top

Lace Shoulder Oversized Top by Storets

The lace and the soft cotton mix beautifully together for a luxurious balance of style. Sheer glam from the lace shoulders are toned down while the cotton helps maintain its casual side.