Sunday, 28 February 2010

COOL ppl on the street!-FashionSnap

OMG at first I thought she was Tsuchiya Anna!!! Is it only me who thought so?? She is so cute and I love her style!! Those leggings is soooo cool!!

So I was going around and picked few photos I loved the most. Here are those beauties--




Editor's story

Alo gals!! So I am here in my studio again updating my diary for last week....
I know I have been busy again and couldn't update too often this week, but
glad to upload some photos I took past couple weeks. So above photo is from last 
Friday when it snowed like crazy in here Chicago! Isn't it so beautiful? I took it on my 
way back home from the studio.

And on three days ago on the way back from my work, the sky was super BLUE.
My work is at Southport and I thought I should update some photos from the place.


This is the art room where me and my supervisor works.. 
It's very small but so cozy and dusty...many many creative stuff born in this place.
I will soon update some displays and items I worked on past weeks since I started working here!
And this is my room window....
Random updates from my daily life..

One of my work from last year- FurFur Display window I made.
I just LOVE FurFur... although their price is way over there.
Will soon upload the postings about them. They are amazing!

I am so tired today... have been painting for the display all day and my show coming up soon in March 27th. Hope all of you gals are having good weekend and yes, have a wonderful new week! I'll keep updated with new items from our store. 

It's spring-y out!!

YES! It's getting warmer and warmer outside-sign of spring! Yay! We recently have been uploading super fresh spring items-and here are some of the cutest outwears for your sunshiny spring outfit! 
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Monday, 22 February 2010



I love romper and jumpsuits. They are so adorable and so comfortable! I personally own five different types of jumpsuits and totally recommend to get at least one. They are visually super cute and importantly, make you look very stylish. Try them with sneakers or cute flats. I wear them all the time with my pink converse sneakers and it completes perfect outfit for lazy Monday morning class. They look beautiful with walkers too! 
Check our jumpsuits!


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Celeb Style- Aoi Yuu

Have you ever seen the movie Honey and Clover? What about Everything About Lily Chou-Chou?
Or Hana And Alice?  If you are big Japanese movie fan, and haven't watched these films, you definitely MUST check them out. Aoi Yuu is one of the most popular Japanese actress and she has been in many great movies- which I personally think they are all super beautiful...

Aoi Yuu's style is very pure. If I could explain her as type of landscape or location, I would say Hokkaido. When everything is covered with snow in Hokkaido.. that landscape, flawless landscape- beautifully clean, pure, and snows shines like dust of stars. I always admired her style. It's so artistic, free, and simple. 








Above images are from her photo book Dandelion.

My favorite character she played was Hagumi- from Honey and Clover.
I watched the movie first, and got to read the manga. I personally recommend to read manga. Movie is made beautifully, but it doesn't convey enough details I pleasantly found in manga. Those beautiful details of expression and emotions-so subtle and so delicate. It portrays youth memories and stories about friendship, love and life. Oh the best thing about the movie is- of course, Aoi Yuu and her art. Her style in the movie is so beautiful!!!

Make sure to watch the movie- and you will soon become Yuu followers. She definitely is my style guide as well. Here I introduce some of our products I would recommend for her romantic artist style.

*Click to view full size!


We just uploaded new beautiful cardi in different colors!!
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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tshirts for fun

It's getting warmer as time goes! Try light jacket on these cute tshirts! They are comfortable and one of the easiest way out for your style for the day! Match them with skinny jeans and cotton jackets!

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