Saturday, 29 May 2010

Style of the Day from Belle

Planning to go out for the date or hang out with your friends? Here is great outfit for you. This beautifully patterned jacket matches perfectly with any graphic tshirts, preferably pure white that matches with the color of the jacket. Light blue shorts with buttons add more cuteness to this outfit. Along with the graphic tshirt's casual look, bring that feeling along with pair of gladiator sandals. Here is completed casual, chic look for your sunny day!

Dressing Bloggers at STORETS!

dressing bloggers

As you might have seen in our store, we recently teamed up with talented fashion bloggers! 

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Beach Story-2

Are you already there for the vacation? Or are you on your way to your dream location? I am extremely excited to be back at home, and am arranging my baggages for the summer trip! Yes, swimsuits are the must-have item, but here we introduce the partner- lounge wear. Following the last updates with swimsuits, here are some lounge wears you can match with your new swimsuits for this vacation. Put them on when you walk on the beach in evening with your friends or lovers, it covers you up just right amount to protect you from catching a cold. Also importantly, lounge wears are always the key items to your style while matched up with swimsuits. Boost up your style with our lounge wear! Here are some of our pick-

jc-286 Oversize open front pocket hoodie cotton coat $33.99
Talk about simple and soft, snuggy cardigan that is totally flattering on top of your swimsuits. This cardigan is super comfy and soft-feels so light when you have it on. Perfect for the evening walk, protect yourself from the chilly breeze.

pt-185 Ruffle top chiffon romper jumpsuits $58.00
 Isn't this jumpsuits amazing? Beautiful floral pattern goes perfect with dark color tones and the ruffle on top. It is totally flattering, and still very sophisticated and stylish.

 HY-04578 Tie dyed shirred top bandeaux maldives maxi dress $54.99
Tie-dye is back to its season! I personally own tie dyed maxi dress and have to say that they are the one makes my summer vacation perfectly romantic. Our new tie dyed dresses are designed to have you imagine the beautiful ocean scenes from its patterns and colors.

PY-01224 Oversize drapery side pocket french terry top $34.99
Great simple terry top that you can comfortably put on. I personally love these tops since they are so snuggy and soft. These are definitely the no.1 must-have item for the vacation! Grab at least one of these tops for your trip! They are very practical style item.

HY-04598 Taping spotted babydoll angelina dress $48.99
 Oh, my god! Isn't this dress so pretty? This dress is very light, soft, and super feminine. Try on big pure colored flowers on your hair to give hightlights. 

PY-01169 Pocket front loose fit olsen knit sweater $43.99
These are one of those comfy tops you have to take for the vacation. This kind, is very fun since we have many different kinds of colors. Pick your choice! Different colors for your different swimsuits would be fun to match with!

HY-04541 Ethnic print loose fit cocobardo shirts $42.99
I always thought that light, patterned button up shirts are very sexy on swimsuits. These stylish ethnic patterned shirts are perfect for simple colored swimsuits. Add some fun to your simple swimsuits!

dr-051 Ethnic print strap shoulder scarlett maxi dress $72.99
There are not much to talk about this dress- perfect for your evening date. It's beautiful, romantic, feminine and artistic. Enjoy the cool evening breeze brushing through this beautiful, long dress.

Beach Story-1

It's finally here! I came back to Korea for the Summer vacation and am actually bit late to update our new swimwears!!! Hope you guys are still looking for the flattering beautiful swimsuits for this summer.. since we have a lot to show you!

JY-05774 Pastel leopard print wired ruffle bikini $42.99

This bikini immediately caught my attention- this would be perfect match for someone like me who are addicted to leopard print that has tip of Tokyo girls style! I love the fact that it has soft pink color on top of the leopard-since the strong color with such pattern never work out perfectly. 

JY-05784 Stripe bandeaux tube top bikini $38.99

Take your pick! This casual halter top bikinis are rich in its colors and feelings. Why not try few for the night and few for the day!

su-003 Tiered Ruffle bandeaux angelina bikini $47.99

Pink and ruffles = must-have for pretty girls.

 su-001 Bandeaux tube top colorblock megan bikini $39.99

This is my personal favorite!! I love the fact that the top and the bottom switch their main colors to the strings. Navy and yellow match so perfectly and those colors are very casual and not over the top, but still very sexy.

HY-04535 Bandeaux tube top colorblock cameron bikini $37.99

Very simple, but strong.

JY-05804 Love posh side cutting leopard print onsie swimsuits $19.99

I know it's always hard to choose stylish onsie swimsuits than choosing bikini. This swimsuits might seem too much, but hey it's perfect match for beautiful tanned skin on the beach! Match this sexy-extreme swimsuit with straw hats.

JY-05795 Golden metal trim halter neck tiered ruffle borabora bikini $38.99

One of my favorite style of the swimsuit is the skirt bottoms. I always find them super flattering. This beautiful ruffle bikini are simple in color with tip of gold, and just have all what you need.

JY-05803 Bandeaux tube top cut out swimsuits $24.99

I call this type of swimsuits as a prestigious swimsuits. It's true not everyone can look gorgeous in this style.. In order to look perfect in such swimsuits,  you need to be super slim to fit in this, and second, you have to be brave enough to try this way-too-sexy cuts. Well, why not give it a try!

JY-05794 Front open onesie spotted swimsuits $32.99

This swimsuits is cute, sexy, perfect match with your black sunglasses, and hats. It's not too much, but it shows just about right amount of skin you need to show.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hello Kitty Perfume?!!!!

I found these perfumes from Urban Outfitters and was so surprised that they came out! I used to be an absolute obsessive fan of Little Twin Stars and their scent of citrus fruits are soft and bright, shows their original characteristics very well. Perfume creator Demeter created these awesome sanrio characters' fragrances and they totally reflects their long-time established personalities.

They are currently on sale at Urban Outfitters so go and check them out!
Hello Kitty has very apple-y smell, which made me so nostalgic...I remember the time when I was around 7years old, my first Hello Kitty note was the image where the kitty was sitting by bunch of red apples. Hello Kitty smell=Apple! What a perfect match! I now call it the scent of a nostalgia..

cute red bunny My Melody's scent is Almond Vanilla. It's little nutty and since Vanilla is my all-time favorite scent, I immediately bought this one first! They are just little bit expensive in my standards at the moment so I only got one for now. (Each of the fragrances are $20)  However, will go back to get my adorable Kitty and the Twin Stars! ( I hope the scent of Cinnamon-Roll comes out as well! My cute flying bunny...)

Style of the Day from SEUL

Planning for the romantic trip to somewhere and release all the stresses you have been holding onto until now? Here we introduce beautiful outfit for your perfect trip. Smocked dresses are always must-have item for your little luggage on the trip. It's easy to match with other simple items such as sandals, and hats-and they are also super comfortable and importantly, super ROMANTIC. Feel the breeze passing by-grab straw hats and pair of sandals to go on restful adventure to the nature.