Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ears on my head

"Fairground is smoothly rich with a darkly romantic twist, Creative Director Valerija Vocanec works close with like minded creatives to deliver designer collections which begin with a feeling that flows into the story. Poetry is the way of expressing the vision so each collection has it's unique tail and all the piece's are a reflection of it's mood, say's Valerija!
FG's vision is to deliver designer collections at the price tag of the mainstream rulers therefore giving it the edge it needs to compete in a market that is oversaturated. FG designer collections have an appetite that appeals to the fashionista which is proven in our press following, therefore FG can crossover from your higher end boutique to the chain store."

I recently found out about this wonderful brand Fair Ground- which I was burst out of tears in happiness to see such a perfect combination of Japanese-cawaii culture blended with Fashion elegancy. Here are some of my favorite pieces from their collection-

I just cannot get over with those animal heads cardigans... Those items from the collections are not on sale, however they do feature some similar products for sale. Beautiful floral patterned fabircs and bold denim products has been made into many different forms- skirts, bodysuits, dress, shorts and so on. They are so sexy, seems little naughty, but in the end-very elegant. (and here I am dying over those wedge boots which model is wearing.) So what do u think about this collection? I found it very interesting and actually am so enlightened- at the products' price range, which is like they said, 'main stream ruler'. Since the many collaboration projects among the famous designers with huge chain markets such as Target has been very popular and went for the trend - I guess it is time to welcome( or look forward to see) all these brands who are willing to stay on earth about their price range.

Here are some of the products that are currently on sale at their store. -
Have fun watching those animals lying on your heads. They reminds me of Japanese animal pajamas I recently purchased in Korea.

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