Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Summer outfit ideas

Talk about this huge trends of see-through stuff this season- Try on bikini top underneath that sexily visible layer. Match it with denim shorts and one big jewelry that would highlight the outfit. I often have fun trying crazy patterned bra tops inside. The patterns creates even more rich feeling by adding enough amount of transparency colors on top. 

This artistic drapery dress is one of the highlight item we are currently featuring in our store- goes wonderful with fedora and ethnic accessories. It is light and easy to move around- a perfect piece for the vacation.

Such long skirts are one of my favorite style of the season- just putting one simple long skirts (or dress) seems cool enough. Match the cute little frill top to balance such plain-ness that skirt gives to the outfit.

 All the items are available at our store!

Saturday, 24 July 2010


So I recently had chance to try this new cosmetic brand in Korea. Holika Holika has launched its first store on last April, and has been expanding its stores all around Korea. I only have been to the one at Myundong, (immediately walked into the store since the exterior and interior of the store was so pretty!!!!) and it seems like they are pretty reasonable place to shop for skin cares and cosmetics. 

Here are some of my reviews of their items- for those of you who are looking for fresh face products-

HD Skinny Primer Base 
This primer is probably one of the best primer I have ever used. It covers every single pores on my face really effectively- my skin feels like a silk and it absorbs the powder super evenly. My face looks very silky and simply, flawless. (by no kidding)

Peach Girl BB Cream
Korea is super famous for its magic cosmetic- BB Cream. And YES, I am one of the girls who LOVES it so much. It's one of the miracle that happened in the cosmetic history. If any of you have never tried BB Cream, and has some skin parts to hide on your face, I will strongly recommend to try BB Cream. There are tons of different brands that sell BBCream, and most of them are pretty good. However, you have to be really careful with how much greasy they can get. I personally really like this Peach Girl BB cream since it is super smooth and feels really light after applying it. You don't even need to put powder after this. It already does the brightening and covering job all by itself.

Fairy Bakery Cookie Chip Blush
I am huge fan of MAC for their wonderful Blush collections-but Holika Holika actually has as-good items and this specific blush totally stole my heart. I LOVE how natural it looks on my face! The color is soft indie pink and I personally think this would match with any type of skin color.

Wonder Drawing
Talk about cool stuff- this is real cool little thing. I always had complaints about eyeliners not being able to fill in the space between the space of each eyelashes- it always looked pretty empty and that part is real pain in my ass to fill in with the brush. I was so excited to find this new type of eye liner-which is specifically made to fill in those areas of the eyes. I only have used it for few times, but it works pretty awesome. 

I have been using all different brands' lip sticks and lip glosses- and Holika Holika's lipstick is really wonderful in its color and applies on the lips really well. I got super light pink color lipstic and it makes me look like a gyaru in the middle of Tokyo lol. I love how smooth it is and color is just so pretty. The brand has few different collections of lip cosmetics-but i personally think this Starlight collection is the prettiest.

So these are all the items that I have experienced with Holika Holika. I haven't used their Skin Care just yet. I heard it's really good-but I am super careful about the skin care since my skin is really sensitive and am afraid if they will make my skin to break out. I am brave enough to try different cosmetics (like primer, BBCream and so on) However, Skin Care-it's a different story. I will try them after reading more reviews of others. Overall, the brand seems pretty reasonable and I love their mission statement and those all about 'magic' and 'miracle' concept of the store. If you have chance to see their store, check them out!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Style of the Day from BYUL

Introducing uniquely shaped stripe skirt matched with summer trend items. Matching the wedge heel sandal and simple graphic tshirts would do perfect to create casual look. Sunglasses and metallic bag(the one I chose is different than the bag within the photo.) is fun highlight for the outfit. Create city preppy look with this distinctively designed skirts-and these days it seems like shorts and mini skirts are no longer on popular demand of our store. Mid-length skirts and trousers seems to be the best item for this summer and of course, the maxi skirts. You don't have to show too much to be sexy anymore. Be chic, stylish, and yet feel comfortable with this breezy, snuggy outfit.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Beautiful Shots #1

Just thought that I should share this beautiful photos from China's Modern Weekly 2010. Sources are listed in the bottom. These shots of beautiful model that brings up such a classic oriental scene, I was so attracted by its exotic beauty and how photographer caught that oriental beauty of mysty, romantic feeling without giving too much idea of the background as proving that they were actually shot at Asia. Each photo has just right amount of ideas from the background and that's why model immediately get the attention within the space she is given in the photo. Just LOVE it!!!

*I got the photos from Asian Models Blog
Model: Ling Tan (IMG)
Editorial: Madame Soong - Beijing Love
Magazine: (China) Modern Weekly, 2010
Photographer: John-Paul Pietrus
Fashion Direction: Tim Lim
Hair: Chen Tao
Makeup: Dong Dong


Street Snaps my favorites

I just fell in love with this outfit- olive toned beautiful Japanese preppy mix with hint of boho. Personally love her hair color matched with the outfit. I recently got into such string bag pants (which I call sausage pants) matched up with clogs. Her clogs might be little out of season, but does most of the job to make her look special-adding boho aesthetic. 

On the street in this weather, I often see this type of outfit- sleeveless onepiece matched up with long scarves. I really enjoy using thin cardigan as a scarf- I can use them to prevent air conditioner in cafes.
Her scarf is just too perfect with the color of the dress and her shoes.

Such overalls or suspender denim are pretty big thing this season- and this outfit- I was intrigued by shorter length of the denim which creates super cute marine look with striped shirts on top. Oh and look at that popular flower flip flop- good way to add some points to the outfit.

OMG. This outfit is absolutely my favorite- recently so got into maxi dresses and this one, is so beautiful and artistic. Look at that illustration print and sheer chiffon colors!! It goes brilliantly with her hair- adding just right amount of girlish aesthetic with the bear accesories. Also, don't you love how she matched tailor jackets with maxi dress-along with black oxfords? This is totally fresh chic way of styling that I just learned.

Here comes the most popular style of the season here in Korea. Hairbands, white girlish short dress matched up with high heels-and don't forget to put pretty socks on!
I really love how her umbrella goes well with her skirts. Both of them totally rich up the colors and pattern of the outfit. Matching up the leather items with such colorful floral skirt is just wonderful. Love the second picture of her face.

Here comes another scarf outfit! I personally really like this simple style. Artistic leggings is just enough to prevent such simple look to go wrong- looking boring.

Yeeess!! I really love this marine inspired look. Blue and little dirty ivory and beige goes well with navy color she chose. However, maybe her sweater was too heavy- and not very flattering for such outfit.  I would rather put thinner layers of cardigans on top. That would be chic.

All of the photos are from site!)