Friday, 30 April 2010

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Celeb Style- Agyness Deyn

Check out this amazing preppy/chic/punk/beautiful British model- Agyness Deyn.
She is one of my favorite model- and guess what, I actually got to see her in real life 
when I visited New York- at the Dr.Marten store. At first I didn't realize that it was her
since she dyed her hair into black at the time(which I didn't know)
However definitely, she has that air of I-am-a-model.
Oh yes, I saw her and immediately knew that she is not an ordinary shopper.
Before she left the store, I heard the store manager calling her name
and finally realized that it was her. I was just way too shy to look straight into her face.
What a shame!! She was super beautiful thou although I didn't get to see her clearly.

Anyways, I absolutely adore two pictures I attached here- Anna Sui's Rock You ad. I thought that this ad totally caught her punk, British rock star look. (yea, I guess there definitely are some Japanese punk aesthetic added on top of it.) 
However, her real beauty is not in such flamboyant look.
Watch one of my favorite video of her - Ruth Hogben's PEACE. 
Check it out at the SHOWstudio-

The video totally caught the beauty of Agyness Deyn in such a beautiful way. 
It's very subtle, neutral, delicate and BEAUTIFUL.

Check her styles and also some of the items we feature-

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Sunday, 25 April 2010