Sunday, 29 August 2010

IT picks: Vogue China

Model: Tao Okamoto (Ford)
Editorial: The Microwave
Magazine: Vogue China, September 2010
Photographer: Solve Sundsbo
Stylist: Marie Chaix
Hair: Samantha Hillerby
Makeup: Petros Petroshilos
Manicurist: Mike Pocock
Sources from: Asian Models Blog

Yes, these intriguing photo of Tao Okamoto immediately stole my heart not only with her all-time attractiveness, but also with fabulous fall fashion style. Beautiful fall trench coats have riched up with patterns and shapes..also mini wool dress- is must have items for the season. I would recommend the simple mini wool dress matched up with fun color tights-although in these photos, black tights took the top-list of the color again. Personally LOVE the black beret Tao is wearing in the third picture. I will follow up with the fashionista's most-craved item for this fall. I am already shopping online 24/7 these days..

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Checking out for Fall

Checking out some new goods for this fall? Our store introduce you all to few of our new outwears for the season- and just to make sure, these are just the beginners. Check out our websites for some more updates! Here are some of my picks-
Double breasted trench dress coat with detachable cape $78.99

I was immediately intrigued by this special jackets which looks like somewhere between trench coat and mini cape. Those mini capes are detachable, so you can create new looks without it. It looks like a dress without the cape- personally, love the coat with the cape on. This product is super femine, and has beautifully designed shape-creates perfect fit. Detailed, and stylish piece for the getting-chilly weather.

Cape lapel trench coat $89.99
Here it goes- never-ending-trend trench coat! The one I introduce here is pretty classic, including its shape and color. Promising item for chic outfit- and Again, we tried our best to provide you the best quality and the shapes. Tips for the outfit- match it with walker heel shoes. It finishes strong charismatic style with elegant touch.

Unbalance ruffel shoulder vest jacket $86.99

This uniquely designed unbalance ruffle jacket is all you need for your special day. With fashion people-vibe, this jacket can be only matched with our beloving fashion gals- grab it before it gets away.  Match it with simple minimalistic white skirts or half-pants to calm down excitement-avoid unbalance overload.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ears on my head

"Fairground is smoothly rich with a darkly romantic twist, Creative Director Valerija Vocanec works close with like minded creatives to deliver designer collections which begin with a feeling that flows into the story. Poetry is the way of expressing the vision so each collection has it's unique tail and all the piece's are a reflection of it's mood, say's Valerija!
FG's vision is to deliver designer collections at the price tag of the mainstream rulers therefore giving it the edge it needs to compete in a market that is oversaturated. FG designer collections have an appetite that appeals to the fashionista which is proven in our press following, therefore FG can crossover from your higher end boutique to the chain store."

I recently found out about this wonderful brand Fair Ground- which I was burst out of tears in happiness to see such a perfect combination of Japanese-cawaii culture blended with Fashion elegancy. Here are some of my favorite pieces from their collection-

I just cannot get over with those animal heads cardigans... Those items from the collections are not on sale, however they do feature some similar products for sale. Beautiful floral patterned fabircs and bold denim products has been made into many different forms- skirts, bodysuits, dress, shorts and so on. They are so sexy, seems little naughty, but in the end-very elegant. (and here I am dying over those wedge boots which model is wearing.) So what do u think about this collection? I found it very interesting and actually am so enlightened- at the products' price range, which is like they said, 'main stream ruler'. Since the many collaboration projects among the famous designers with huge chain markets such as Target has been very popular and went for the trend - I guess it is time to welcome( or look forward to see) all these brands who are willing to stay on earth about their price range.

Here are some of the products that are currently on sale at their store. -
Have fun watching those animals lying on your heads. They reminds me of Japanese animal pajamas I recently purchased in Korea.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Street Snaps in Korea

I recently have found this awesome site that features street fashion in Korea. It's called Hiphoper and I have really enjoyed so many amazing fashion they show at the site.
I have been comparing street fashions around Asia- the craziest fashion street Tokyo compared to Seoul is- Korea has better combination of 'safe' fashion and 'crazy' style. When I look at FRUITS magazine, I often see those insanely wonderful (or just insane) fashion peeps around Harajuku and Shibuya area. Sometimes you can't avoid thinking that it's just too much. I have never seen such fashion people in Korea- somehow Korean fashion peeps are more into balance between being safe and also being special-adding good amount of uniqueness into the outfit. Maybe the Koreans are much more self-conscious on the street, not going over the edge,  but I just like how they make it sense, AND super hot.
(doesn't mean that I don't like Japanese fashion! I think they are HOT in their own way)
Anyways, check out more awesome street snap in Korea-

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Style of the day from LUCKY-Simply Stylish

I just came up with the conclusion that in this type of boiling weather, being simple as possible-is the easiest and comfortable way to treat your outfit. I always thought that such minimalist style can get little too simple or should say 'plain' and I just could not give up matching big accessories whenever I try such outfit.  However, it seems like there have been fun design coming out in this too-boring-minimalist style-Slashed, fringed, off-the-shoulder, open-back, and so on. Here is one style suggestion from our store-from Lucky style category. We simply matched up this back-tie tshirts with comfortable baggy pants. I personally love how those shirts surrounds and glamorize my shape. It's surprising to see how simple it works-thou it does its job more than I expected. Oh yea and those baggy pants- very chic, yet really comfy.(its waist is elastic band) Now you can walk around outside and feel less terrible about the fact your wardrobe is just way too flattering for the weather.

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