Saturday, 23 November 2013

STORETS Love Arm Candy

*Images via. Pinterest

Accessories are super important as they are needed to give your outfit that finishing touch. There are so many ways to wear accessories, and the bracelet stack aka arm candy are one of our favorites. Arm candy has become a huge trend yes it's still going strong, and the fashionista's are still rocking it. There isn't really a rule as to how you should stack the bracelets, but one of the ways we like, is mix the edgy style bracelets in with the elegant. Sometimes it could look boring by just wearing a full row of bling bling bracelets or a full row of spikes, so we like to mix the two together. Wear 4-5 bracelets with a mix of gold or silver and stack it up with spikes, diamante and some colored bracelets. 

We're obsessed with bracelets, so you'll be able to find a wide selection of different bracelets at STORETS. Choose from a number of styles such as leather straps, charms, chains, diamante, bright colors, transparent wristbands and many more. Now start stacking up your bracelets and rock the trend.

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