Sunday, 9 February 2014

Accessorize Your Hair With A Floral Crown

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Floral crowns are not just for the brides anymore, you can now rock these super cute headpieces whenever you want, but remember, wearing a floral crown is indeed asking for attention so avoid turning up to a wedding in one. When it comes to dressing the circlet, either go super casual or super glam, don't go in-between, it could easily make a ball gown more grungy and a casual, edgy outfit more dressy. For a more glam or dressed up look, pair the crown with a lace dress, and on the casual side, team it with ripped jeans or a pair of shorts together with a cute top.

People are mostly seen wearing flower crowns during the summer like to music festivals and other summer events, but you could in-fact rock this trend all-year round. Fashion is all about having fun, so don't be shy and spice up your daily looks or amp up your party outfits with this pretty headpiece. 

You want to achieve an effortlessly laid-back, cool look with floral crowns, so you don't want to go for a blowout, opt for messy braided hair or wavy like slept-in hairstyles. 

Ladies, it's time to accessorize your hair with some pretty flowers, but prepare yourselves as all the attention will definitely be on you!

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