Friday, 20 May 2011

Fabulous trends! XOXO~!!


BeauBo Dresskill Rose Print Super Flare Lace Jacket
(2 colors) Last Seen HERE

I love floral. Especially, my new obsession of sheer fabric 
combined with floral pattern is an ideal item for this weather! 
I like to keep feminine and romantic aesthetic along with ethnic tint. 
I am sure this would work perfect during the summer as well-where most of the 
coffee shop turn on their air conditioner to the max.

H Oversized Flower Print Satin Kimono Jacket
Last Seen HERE

Seems like kimono silhouette is one of the most loving trend this season. 
I personally would love to wear my summer kimono outside (well, technically, it's yukata)
but honestly, they are not that comfortable....also why don't I try something like this instead?
This jacket is light-weight and just enough to go with beautiful white dress and skirts. 
I recently bought this long white sheer skirt from vintage store and can't wait to match this jacket!

Proud Mary Flower Print Suspender Skirt
Last Seen HERE

So cute! Love the color palette. This suspender skirt is a perfect match with simple graphic 
white shirts! It does look vintage-y and lovely-overload. 
Personally thought of Liz Lisa
(Symbolic Japanese brand of girly, pretty, and lovely) when I saw this skirt. 

DDu Rose Print Bubble Bandeaux Dress
Last Seen HERE

Perfect example of spring night-out dress! 
I am slowly seeing bubble-y items in many stores.. It's coming!!!

BeauBo Lalala Petite Floral Blazer
Last Seen HERE

I really like this jacket matched with short denim and wooden heel sandal. Hmm
This style describes pretty much everything about this season. 
I am not a big fan of short socks matched with sandals since that makes my legs look SUPER short.
Anyways, yea i think this jacket is a great way to add more formality into the outfit.
I am glad I don't have to see more of sailor-inspired jacket this season.....(not as much as last year..)
Aww there were too much of sailor stuff last year and I am pretty sick of it finally.
Let's go floral this time, yea? 
Matching little accessories such as ethnic rings and bracelet would go well with this look. 
And don't forget wooden heel sandals! That is definitely must-have and yes I do have it too!

Tomorrow is my school's graduation commencement + my 22nd bday!
Can't wait for those events and yes, i will post the photos soon! 
Have a great weekend gals!

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  1. I don't find myself drawn to floral prints often but the DDu Rose Print Bubble Bandeaux Dress is adorable.