Monday, 9 May 2011

Favorite Street Snaps!

Who doesn't like all-black outfits when it is still chilly outside? 
It makes me look slim, chic, and simply stylish. 
I love how she matched black wedge sandal with this outfit. 
And one of my forever wishlist- oversized black coat. 
(with thinner materials..for spring! Oh Wait
I guess it doesn't matter here in Chicago. It's still freeeezing!)

So just like how I am craving for black wedges- seems like everyone does!
This season, there will be all different kinds of wedges in stores 
including my favorite wooden platform wedges. I personally love wedges that 
are not so steep (of course along with elevation)- just like this wedge she is wearing!

Everyone-has-it bag! Those bags are sure super convenient. 


All the photos are from FashionSnap, the great kingdom of inspiration :)

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