Sunday, 29 December 2013

STEAL HER LOOK: Columbine Smille

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Most people like to follow street style for outfit inspirations nowadays, and this is what led us to make this post. We believe it's not just important for us, but also for everyone else, that we stay inspired at all times. Have you ever tried to replicate an outfit you spotted on the internet or in a magazine, don't be shy, because I think we all have. Sometimes it might not turn out how you imagined, but sometimes it might look even better than the original. 

Here, we've chosen a simple yet chic outfit from Columbine Smille. What's great, is that it's suitable for many occasions and looks good on almost anyone. To give you a chance to steal her look, we've re-created this outfit (1st pic above) with some super stylish items from STORETS to make it more affordable. Which includes, the white faux leather blouse, cable knit crop top & skirt set and the faux leather biker jacket. You could also try matching each of these pieces with different items too, as their easy to wear and looks good with anything

For more "Steal Her Look" posts, make sure you stay tuned! 

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