Sunday, 22 December 2013

Wrap Up Warm in a Winter Coat

Which is your most favorite season of the year? Let us make a suggestion, how about winter, why? Because it's the most fun and probably the best season of all, as you could explore more with fashion and have extra fun layering with your winter coat. When it comes to a winter coat, some people like to invest in a classic timeless style, whereas some would like to keep updated with the latest fashion trends and buy a new coat every winter season. So, which best describes you the most?

Above, we've not only selected some classic styles from STORETS, which could get you through every winter season without you needing to buy a new coat every year, as well as also picking out some styles which are trending right at this moment! From fitted to oversized, and the cape to the tailored style. Choose from a wide range of colors like black, navy, mint, pastel pink and many more. 

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