Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hello Kitty Perfume?!!!!

I found these perfumes from Urban Outfitters and was so surprised that they came out! I used to be an absolute obsessive fan of Little Twin Stars and their scent of citrus fruits are soft and bright, shows their original characteristics very well. Perfume creator Demeter created these awesome sanrio characters' fragrances and they totally reflects their long-time established personalities.

They are currently on sale at Urban Outfitters so go and check them out!
Hello Kitty has very apple-y smell, which made me so nostalgic...I remember the time when I was around 7years old, my first Hello Kitty note was the image where the kitty was sitting by bunch of red apples. Hello Kitty smell=Apple! What a perfect match! I now call it the scent of a nostalgia..

cute red bunny My Melody's scent is Almond Vanilla. It's little nutty and since Vanilla is my all-time favorite scent, I immediately bought this one first! They are just little bit expensive in my standards at the moment so I only got one for now. (Each of the fragrances are $20)  However, will go back to get my adorable Kitty and the Twin Stars! ( I hope the scent of Cinnamon-Roll comes out as well! My cute flying bunny...)

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