Thursday, 27 May 2010

Beach Story-1

It's finally here! I came back to Korea for the Summer vacation and am actually bit late to update our new swimwears!!! Hope you guys are still looking for the flattering beautiful swimsuits for this summer.. since we have a lot to show you!

JY-05774 Pastel leopard print wired ruffle bikini $42.99

This bikini immediately caught my attention- this would be perfect match for someone like me who are addicted to leopard print that has tip of Tokyo girls style! I love the fact that it has soft pink color on top of the leopard-since the strong color with such pattern never work out perfectly. 

JY-05784 Stripe bandeaux tube top bikini $38.99

Take your pick! This casual halter top bikinis are rich in its colors and feelings. Why not try few for the night and few for the day!

su-003 Tiered Ruffle bandeaux angelina bikini $47.99

Pink and ruffles = must-have for pretty girls.

 su-001 Bandeaux tube top colorblock megan bikini $39.99

This is my personal favorite!! I love the fact that the top and the bottom switch their main colors to the strings. Navy and yellow match so perfectly and those colors are very casual and not over the top, but still very sexy.

HY-04535 Bandeaux tube top colorblock cameron bikini $37.99

Very simple, but strong.

JY-05804 Love posh side cutting leopard print onsie swimsuits $19.99

I know it's always hard to choose stylish onsie swimsuits than choosing bikini. This swimsuits might seem too much, but hey it's perfect match for beautiful tanned skin on the beach! Match this sexy-extreme swimsuit with straw hats.

JY-05795 Golden metal trim halter neck tiered ruffle borabora bikini $38.99

One of my favorite style of the swimsuit is the skirt bottoms. I always find them super flattering. This beautiful ruffle bikini are simple in color with tip of gold, and just have all what you need.

JY-05803 Bandeaux tube top cut out swimsuits $24.99

I call this type of swimsuits as a prestigious swimsuits. It's true not everyone can look gorgeous in this style.. In order to look perfect in such swimsuits,  you need to be super slim to fit in this, and second, you have to be brave enough to try this way-too-sexy cuts. Well, why not give it a try!

JY-05794 Front open onesie spotted swimsuits $32.99

This swimsuits is cute, sexy, perfect match with your black sunglasses, and hats. It's not too much, but it shows just about right amount of skin you need to show.

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