Monday, 3 May 2010

Vintage Sale!

 This Saturday, I went to the Vintage Sale at Damen. I was planning to visit Art Chicago Fair at noon and the plan changed when my friend called me and let me know about this awesome sale opening on Saturday. We visited the sale before we went to the fair, and it was really cool! Many different vintage stores in Chicago got together and sold wonderful items. I was so thrilled at the place to see so many things I absolutely loved. I was grabbing tons of clothes to try on, going back and forth to the dressing room.
So it was better than my normal thrift-store shopping and was definitely worth of my time. I got some stuff I just could not help myself but to bring home with me. 

This amazing creeper-boots were only $25!!!!
And it is in such a good shape. The heels wasn't too low and it was super comfy 
when I tried it on. I will totally keep this for next fall/winter. 

This ankle boots is super adorble, except the fact it absolutely has no heels...
Well, I decided to have at least one comfy boots in my closet so I got it since it was only $15 and is almost new! It is made with suede and is so soft... I also loved the color grey since I also got the super awesome grey sweater at the sale, I thought it would be a perfect match.

This multi color stipe onepiece immediately catched my eyes..
I always wanted stripe onepiece! It is super soft, and comes down to my knee-good lengths.
I am going to wear it this week with my wedge heels. It fits my body perfectly. So cute.
When I saw this sweater, I immediately got it. I always wanted such a chunky, thick, oversized sweater! It would look amazing with my tights and boots I have at home. I also will have to wait until next fall/winter. It was only $25
I got this windbreaker since it reminded me of one of my favorite friend I met in video class. She has such a unique style and has disco/pop style that it's really hard to explain. I always have wondered where she got all of her awesome jackets and this totally was the style that I thought matches her. I thought it would be awesome to add some of comfy/artsy feel to my closet. It's oversized and super comfy. It's very thin so I am going to wear it this week as well. Looks great with black leggings and sneakers!

Anyways, It's already Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.
I have my solo show opening tomorrow at Columbus Gallery so wish me a luck!
Will update my outfite for the opening! I am so excited since I will finally get to try my
Anna Sui ribbon top with super pretty red tutu I got from Ebay.

Have a wonderful week gals!

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  1. Wow what amazing buys! I wish I could've attended that :)