Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Style of the Day from LUCKY-2

 It's hot. It's way too hot. Korea is steamingly hot these days and I simply cannot live without air conditioner. Just walking to nearby bus station drains me- I get super sweaty. Everyone on the street- I seriously give a great respect to whoever wears skinny jeans or cardigans in this weather. Seriously people.. TAKE OFF ur goddamn CLOTHES!!! I think it would seem much more stylish and chic if you dress up in lighter manner-especially in this steaming weather. People say time to time- that being stylish comes along with the pain. However-in this case you don't need to feel any pain. Just putting one layer of pretty dress would do. Here is one of our new beautiful dress we introduced in our store. Match it with simple high heels and couple big accessories-earings and bracelets.

dr-140 Contrast texture layered skirt tubetop dress

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