Sunday, 1 August 2010

Ga-eul Story (Fall Story)

Summer is still on its climax and it's still super sunny outside- thou fall is on its way. I feel more breeze during the day and importantly, at night the temperature gets really cool- you gotta have to put on some stuff for your on-going vacation nights. So here are some recent trends news we received from famous as we took a look at some Autumn/Winter 2010 runways. Here we introduce some of our favorites-and the inspired items at our store.


Francesco Scognamiglio

Louis Vuitton

Paul Smith

Nina Ricci

These 50's inspired looks are gorgeous-especially these designers, including Nina Ricci's amazing red bustiers and silouette-hugging long skirts. always give great ideas about new trends and this one was one of my favorite trend of this fall-Fifties Something. I recently got into obsessive vintage shopping and have went through amazing stuff around many different vintage shops around here. I think the difference between Korea and US vintage shop is- that it's easier to find rare Japanese vintage items in Korea. Japanese vintages are lot of times have better fit and shapes. (I might think this way since I am more Japanese size than American size)  Anyways, those long length skirts and classic patterns( which are often very fun) are now one of my big pleasure in life. Oh and also those low-neck bustier-inspired looks are just way too amazing.

 Alexander Wang


Antonio Berardi



My another favorite trend this season is- Man Up. I have been loving ethnic-boho look last winter, chunk up myself with tons of layers, rich up with colors and patterns. However, I started to get super attracted by this minimalist trends that has been explored by designers. And yes, I think adopting men-wear designs are very good way to reach that attractive style of minimalism. I LOVE Celine's collection this season since her adoption of men-wear seems very fresh in its overall shapes. They are obviously inspired by men-wear, and the fits of the jackets and pants are actually very similar to those of men's. However, there is still beautiful feminine quality to overall fashion they creates. It's simple, luxurious, elegant, and to-the-point type of chic.

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