Saturday, 7 August 2010

Ebony and Ivory

I am sure that none of you have heard about this awesome pop pianist-just yet. This pop pianist recently released his beautiful first album and actually this Thursday I was invited to see his first concert "I'm All  Yours" in Seoul. I have known him personally since he is good friend of my brother from Berklee School of Music. I was so excited to see him in tv shows recently-and he actually made very successful debut in here. There are two different kinds of self-composed songs in his recent album. One is very soft and gentle while the other one is wild and powerful. He introduced very strong performance-hitting the piano keyboard with his fist, pounding his feet on the ground to create his own background beat. Actually, the famous Japanese jazz pianist Hiromi Uehara came up to my mind while I watched his performance. Hiromi Uehara does very similar performance, while Jiho's performance seemed more cruel and harsh. Seeing his hands all bleeding after the show seemed to be expected-and I was very worried to see such pain that follows after each performance while it seemed like he didn't even know that he was bleeding during his passionate play. Anyways, I loved most of the songs it was featured in his first album. They are very beautiful. You can listen to his songs if you go to his website-

I personally loved this image from his album jacket.

Jiho from the famous Korean tv shows named Stocking. I enjoyed watching him playing with popular idol group CN Blue during the show.

His first concert was held in this cool place named...something I don't remember. The place was very well mood-designed-although his company didn't give us much to eat during the show. I went there with empty stomach since I was told that there will be dinner before the show. And here is what I got-

4 pieces of salmon...It was yummy but hey, I barely could satisfy my stomach with this!!!!!!

Me waiting for the show to begin...

Me with violinist Seungyoun. She played his (one of the best) song Blind together with Jiho in the end of the show- and her violin with his piano-it was superb :)

me with Jiho after the show-at fan meeting! I am wearing my recent purchase- Anna Sui dress for that special day! I heard bunch of compliments from other people about the dress all day that day-and hey, that feels great and enough to make me feel better about spending some few hundreds of dollars on one dress..(I think I will not do it again for awhile...)

me with my brother

Getting ready to go to dinner after the show! Personally liked that back-stage room.

At dinner after the show. I went there with his managers and other company-related people. It was fun and I had bunch of soju... Anyways, I would recommend you gals to listen to his songs since it has pretty good mix of jazz and those emotional-movie-featured piano songs. It's just easy to listen to and if you like the legendary composers like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yuki Guramoto, it's kind of must-listen-to music. :)

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