Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Style of the day from LUCKY-Simply Stylish

I just came up with the conclusion that in this type of boiling weather, being simple as possible-is the easiest and comfortable way to treat your outfit. I always thought that such minimalist style can get little too simple or should say 'plain' and I just could not give up matching big accessories whenever I try such outfit.  However, it seems like there have been fun design coming out in this too-boring-minimalist style-Slashed, fringed, off-the-shoulder, open-back, and so on. Here is one style suggestion from our store-from Lucky style category. We simply matched up this back-tie tshirts with comfortable baggy pants. I personally love how those shirts surrounds and glamorize my shape. It's surprising to see how simple it works-thou it does its job more than I expected. Oh yea and those baggy pants- very chic, yet really comfy.(its waist is elastic band) Now you can walk around outside and feel less terrible about the fact your wardrobe is just way too flattering for the weather.

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