Sunday, 15 August 2010

Street Snaps in Korea

I recently have found this awesome site that features street fashion in Korea. It's called Hiphoper and I have really enjoyed so many amazing fashion they show at the site.
I have been comparing street fashions around Asia- the craziest fashion street Tokyo compared to Seoul is- Korea has better combination of 'safe' fashion and 'crazy' style. When I look at FRUITS magazine, I often see those insanely wonderful (or just insane) fashion peeps around Harajuku and Shibuya area. Sometimes you can't avoid thinking that it's just too much. I have never seen such fashion people in Korea- somehow Korean fashion peeps are more into balance between being safe and also being special-adding good amount of uniqueness into the outfit. Maybe the Koreans are much more self-conscious on the street, not going over the edge,  but I just like how they make it sense, AND super hot.
(doesn't mean that I don't like Japanese fashion! I think they are HOT in their own way)
Anyways, check out more awesome street snap in Korea-


  1. Hi, i hope i´m writing to the -team. I wanted to buy the parka, which was in your sortiment till yesterday, the 18 of august 2010, today i didn´t found it, and i´m really sad bout that. could you please tell me if there´s any possibility to get it, in the colour "light beige".
    Thank you,

  2. Hi, Lea,

    I think it's the best to contact customer service, sorry that I can't help much. Hope you can find what you had eyes on!