Thursday, 28 January 2010


Check out our new sneakers and walkers on the webstore!!

We love Non-no! I love Danaka Miho and she is so unique in her style! I love her short hair-although long hair also look gorgeous on her. Anyways, so I was going through my old files and found these photos of Miho. What do you love the most about her outfit? First thing attract my eyes were those light green tights and white walker she is wearing. When I went back to Korea this winter, walker and sneakers seem to never come down from No.1 trend for many years! Yes, we have other trends such as kill heels, over-the-knee boots and so on. However, I found so many pretty walkers and sneakers all over the place this winter and they intrigued me more than any other shoes! Just match with fun color tights and shorts-or skirts with those sneakers! They are comfortable, and at the same time, super cute.

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  1. I'm so in love with your latest shoe additions!! :)