Saturday, 16 January 2010


STORETS aims the ultimate shopping destination online, providing bottomless items of the latest trend, fashion,
and celebrity styles to you wherever you are, not emptying your pocket!
Why spend fortune when you can spend less?


Despite that Bo was trained to be a lawyer, Bo knew her passion was towards fashion and started to run a small internet business at her own bedroom alongside her study and became a 'powerseller' on auction from 2003-2005 (Korean ebay company). Her enthusiasm led her to go to London and venture fashion world. Having worked as an intern at Browns and Harvey Nichols in London, a coordinator and a colorist at Seshin Apparel, and a assistant buyer at Hanstyle in Seoul, she experienced most sectors in fashion from manufacture to sales and from value market as Old Navy to top prestige brand like Balmain.

For Bo, the question was why more people cannot appreciate the latest fashion and trend at affordable price. With her experience and knowledge, she launched STORETS to quench people's thirst for fashion. She holds a B.A. from Ehwa Women University and Certificate from London College of Fashion.

As you can see, we just have launched our first blog, Storets Webzine. We're anxious to see our Storets Gals' reaction to this Webzine as we will be constantly updating the latest trends and styles-and don't tell anyone, we also will come up with bunch of events that will give our gals more opportunities to rich ur styles with even better deals. We are casting our net wider than ever before, catching the latest fashion trends from Seoul to all over the world.
We are more than excited to provide you further information and news through our webzine- so be sure to stay tuned, and don't forget to check our website for the fresh items ready for your try-on. This year, we really are kicking off the winter with a bang.

Gee Shin, Editor

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