Friday, 29 January 2010

Studio YAYA

Here I introduce Studio YAYA, online mini photo community which consists of three members, Doyo, Mago and Kae. I got to know this group of people through one cosplay site. Doyo started as a cosplay model but then she became interested into photography and here it is- Doyo and her fellow's photo sites. All of their photos are very beautiful. My favorite is definitely Doyo's. Her photos have stories. It's a story that is sometimes happy, nostalgic, and sad. There is something about her photo always intrigues me. It's very sensitive- I guess I can explain her photo as watercolor, and those calm Japanese movies. Have you ever seen director Iwai Shunji's film? Her photo matches with his poetic style. Here are some of her photos I love the most.

Her magical story photos- This is incredibly beautiful..

This is Doyo herself. She takes photos of herself quite often. This is my favorite pick!
Just love her face expression. :)

Doesn't this photo reminds you of the story "Subaru"?

To visit Doyo's Studio YaYa, click HERE

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