Wednesday, 27 January 2010



Models are awesome.. they are so slim, so beautiful and everything they wear fits perfectly to their body like if those are made just for them. How do they digest every single items so well? When I was teenager just like any other mainstream girls, I always wanted to look like a model. OH those holy appearance!! 

YES! We do have loving models and I think it is time to introduce some of our our models to Storets gals. This week, I will be updating several models who now we have been working with for awhile. First one comes to our one of the dearest model, Seul. 

Does she look familiar to you? She is one of our main model and we love her with that fabulous urban chic style. Also depending on type of clothes she tries on, she shows ability to shift between girl and woman. Don't you agree that her signature smokey eye make-up looks just perfect for her classic oriental face structure?

Second model is Kenzi. Kenzi is candy-type of gal and I love her beautiful long curly hair. Her hair really overloads her classy femine look. My favorite thing about Kenzi is that she shows the best face expression we seek in photoshoot. Be mysterious, models! Her signature dollface expression definitely is huge PLUS upgrading outfits in the photo. Most of the time she is on the clothes that are rather more punky and fun. She really brings out our favorite party gal look.

-To be continued-

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