Saturday, 16 January 2010

STORETS Supporters

Hello everyone, so now we are looking for promotion supporters for STORETS.
All you need is to promote STORETS online- and there are several different steps to follow.
Also Importantly, we do pay you back according to the result of the promotion.
Here is three steps for the promotion for those of you who are willing to be part of us:

1. Join:
First thing you gotta do is to be a Storets member.
If you are already a member of Storets, you can skip this.
You can do it by going to our website, and click "join".
Also, you have to join our Storets Facebook page as well.

2. Promote:
Choose whichever online promotion tools you prefer- blog, community, club, and so on.
i.e. Update some descriptions about Storets, feedback or comments about
your previous purchase along with the photo.
Or else, you can create your own wishlist of Storets on your blog.
Online community and club has to be the place that is related to fashion.
This promotions should be 'origin' and 'new'.
i.e. duplicated promotion does not count.
This promotion renews every week and your past postings are not subject to the present week's promotion.
3. Let us Know:
After updating those posts, let us know by updating the URL of the
promotion sites under the 'link' tab on our Facebook fanpage.

4. Promotion Fee:
Every week, we will choose top 2 supporters and give out each of them
$10, $5 mileage point which you can use at our STORETS store.
Please note that we DO NOT pay by cash.

*Anyone who uses same contents multiple times or take inappropriate way of promotion will not be considered for the mileage points. Meaning, NO CHEATING.



  1. YAY STORETS :) <333! HWAITING xo

  2. I also created a link to Storets on my blog:

    I'd rather not post the link up on Facebook, sorry :(! <3

  3. Hi!

    Here is the link to every articles about Storets on my blog :

    I talk about the shop all the time and wear Storets clothes almost every day, I'm a big fan ;)