Sunday, 21 March 2010

Celeb Style- ICONIQ

Who knew that cute little girl from the idol group SUGAR would become such a beautiful lady?
I recently watched Ayumi Lee's first debut in Japan, and her song Change Myself was just PERFECT.
She debut with the new name ICONIQ. She is way too awesome now.. She used to be just a cute little girl singer with cutest Japanese accent. I loved her from the beginning when she came out as a member of girl group Sugar. She definitely was the one who got the most attention. 
If you have not seen her recent music video, you definitely have to check it out.
Just type "Change Myself" ICONIQ in youtube. 
It's just wonderful. She is so charming, so beautiful, so stylish.

So I thought it would be interesting to introduce her past photos and recent photos.
Well, she definitely has totally different style now, but
I really loved her past style too, especially when she was singing Cutie Honey.
Oh god she was so cute at the time.,, and here she is. Beautifully changed Ayumi.
Since it really was not long ago since her debuted in Japan,
I could not find many photos of ICONIQ.
However, I do have many photos to show when she was known as Ayumi in Korea.

Totally different, right? Somehow I love both of her styles. 
I am so happy that she finally is back to us! It's even more exciting since it's
at totally new place- Japan! I can't wait until I get her new album!

And of course, here are some of items I picked 
in admiration of her style-

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