Saturday, 6 March 2010




 Hey gals, take a quick look at these beautiful clothes from FurFur. FurFur is Japanese High brand-yea it's SUPER expensive that it's nothing I could afford, but I always get inspiration from their designs. They are perfect for the spring inspirations! It really sucks since there is no way for me to visit their store (which I am sure it's only in Japan, very limited number.) I can't help but wanting to see these clothes for real! They are super detailed, girlish, cute, and SOFT.

Don't you love these? I am afraid to tell you that each of these clothes are worth over minimum $300, but don't worry- we do have inspiration items in the store made just for you! Well, take a look at these FurFur items I picked.




STORETS inspired items
Layered lace dress $52.99

Snowflake fuzzy cardi sweater

Oversized hood cape top

Isabel boho dress

Floral vinyard shorts

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