Sunday, 21 March 2010


This is super late update about my daily life.
I honestly haven't really done anything special recently.
I was really busy with my show at school so was just going school-home-school-home...
Actually I finally got done with installing my work so I was incredibly happy today 
although there was lots of technical difficulties that made me pull my hair out- 
I survived through it due to my world's greatest friends. I feel like my work is more like 
a collaborative work than my own work since I got so much help from my friends.
I feel very lucky and am very thankful that they are my friend. What a wonderful people!

Anyways, so I went out on St. Patrick's Day and took couple photos. It was hard to go around since
it was SUPER cold and also was raining a lot. I remember last year's St. Patrick's Day was very cold as well.. This time I did not forget to bring additional clothes with me!

It was so Foggy too.... buildings are disappearing!!!!!!

The river dyed into the color Green! It's always nice to see this event since it's such a big deal 
around here. Since the river itself is always green ( moss dark green) I was wondering what type of green they will be dying the river into- which turned out to be a flashy lime green! It was so pretty!

(although it is not really lime green in above picture.. my camera could not pick up the color well since it was too dark due to the rain)

And then about three days ago I went out to the lake shore since the weather was so beautiful. I just had to get out from the studio and walk around!!!!! Funny thing is that although that day was super sunny and beautiful, the next day it was snowing like hell in Chicago. We do have very unexpected weather. 
Bonus is... me and my secret lover. I put yello face since he does not like public exposure..

Have a good day gals!

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  1. SO CUTE :):) I love love love all your photos and gosh you have such an adorable smile <3