Sunday, 28 March 2010

princess-y is not too bad time to time

Our store updated several different lacey-chiffon-y clothes and I decided to show you one of my favorite shirt I bought from Korea last summer. It was super hard for me to find this chiffon top last summer since lace and chiffon wasn't as much of a big deal as it is now. 
The sellers on the street kept shouting out ようこそ!おぎゃくさま!
Miss those scene...

Along with my tilted hanger... I have no idea how it became like that. haha
And the shoes I found-match with this shirt perfectly!!!

Lovely lovely shoes from Anthropologie.
I can't wait until I can walk outside with that shirt matched up with this shoes and cute denim shorts!

Anyways, here are some of my picks from the store.
As you all know,  lace and chiffon are the winners.
Check them out!

Click to view full-size.

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