Saturday, 6 March 2010

Celeb Style-Tsuchiya Anna


So when I think about Tsuchiya Anna, she always reminds me of the movie Kamikaze Girls.
Have you seen the movie? She comes out and is the coolest.. I became her fan after the movie. She also came out with an album starring NANA, and it has very beautiful songs- such as Stand By Me. 
Many people sees the difference between Nakashima Mika and Tsuchiya Anna as NANA. I personally like them both but according to my experience with original manga, I expected more strong voice from NANA- so I think Tsuchiya Anna fits better in that sense. They are both just so wonderful, and it's hard to compare thou. 
Anyways, I think I can explain Tsuchiya Anna as- Powerful, charismatic, hardcore, rocker, sexy, and colorful. She is just AMAZING. I personally have never seen such a powerful character from Japanese entertainment. (Yea, Hamasaki Ayumi and Koda Kumi is definitely very powerful, but it's type of different-since Anna Tsuchiya gives the feeling of she is totally on the edge- not afraid to go beyond extreme. Check out her music videos and movies. 
Below are my favorite photos of her. 










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