Monday, 7 June 2010

Easy TShirts

Everyone knows that tshirts are one of the easiest fashion item you can put on. It's symbol of comfort, casual, freedom, and youth.(Believe or not) There are nothing better than tshirts in this hot weather to keep you feel fashionable in comfortable way. My favorite thing about them is the that they go perfect with denim shorts or skirts -Try them on with damaged denim shorts or even try XL size to wear as tunic or onepiece- match with leggings.

Putting fancy jackets on top would change the entire outfit more formal and chic.

Try on plaid button up shirts to create preppy look.

Stick them under the tight skirts. It has slimming effects and also double-fashionable by being smart balancing between Casual and Formal. Better sense of balance always creates better chic, stylish look.

Here are some of the tshirts we feature in our store. White color is always the top-seller and yes, it definitely is the most simple, and chic. However, why not try more colors? Don't be afraid-Matching bright colors with dark tone is always successful. Make sure to own at least one black/gray color bottoms. Sometime it even works better with just plain white bottoms. Depending on how bright the top colors are, be smart and balance out!

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