Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I LOVE your shoulder

Is it only me who is so in love with unique shoulder designs??? I know it seems like its trend has passed awhile ago, however it is still on the top shopping list in here! I was wondering around the mall again today, and saw many similar designs numerous times... And celebrities on the television- their fashion, often matched with power shoulder jacket or dress explains everything. It still is the hot item-and I am totally obsessed with it these days...(Somehow my taste never really followed trend. My wish list items are often from-nowhere-style or, too-late-style...)

Well, my love towards power shoulder jacket began as one of my favorite Korean celebrity Hara came out with this beautiful jacket in one talk show. This is the image-
Isn't it pretty?? I loved the jacket and the way she put them together. She matched it with simple white graphic tshirts and super slim skinny jean. It was just wonderful outfit.

Second, here is one of my absolute favorite brand- Balmain.
It will be unnecessary to explain about this collection-since it's way too famous.
What a stunning garments!!! I picked my favorites from the collection- 6 of them. Power shoulder dresses are all matched with beautiful belts. I personally love the 5th picture-how gold dress is matched with thick leather belts. Made me totally go shopping for the new gold color dress-of course with power shoulder.

Power shoulder jacket is definitely must-have item for the chic and edge look. It's often matched with skinny jeans or super tight high waist skirts- of course, with sexy high heels. I picked one non-power shoulder cardigan in our collection below-since that cardigan is very unique in its design. It's not power shoulder however have very fresh designs-and creates little softer and more feminine look. Check them out at our store!

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