Monday, 7 June 2010

Kitty House

I went to Cat Cafe at Myundong on election day. Me and my brother were staying at home not doing anything when voting was done. He asked me if I wanted to go to the new cat cafe that opened recently. Hellll yeaaahhhh

The interior of the store was so adorable...(see that fish-shape neon lights?)However, there wasn't many cats than I hoped. Also there were way too many people so that small place was PACKED. We had to sign up on the waiting list and had to come back after 30 minutes. Store was pretty cute but all we could see was PEOPLE..... I thought I should come back on Monday morning or something so that I can enjoy my time with cats....
this is my FAVORITE cats named Terry. He was so cute... and very much reminded me of Garfield. He was the biggest cat in that store and looked the laziest. (I should say most 'comfortable')
Terry hid under there when too many people tried to pet him. He was so irritated.. poor thing.
Sorry for him, but I had to pet him too... haha He was so soft and gentle.

Me and my brother! We were looking for cats to pet but a lot of them were hiding on the shelves or sleeping in their beds... I guess too many people stressed them out!

I.. do not remember this kitty's name, but heard that she was only few weeks old. She was little and so hyper. She was hiding on the higher shelves so people could not reach her, but when the owner came out to play with her, she was jumping around crazy...
Isn't she so pretty??

The store had very good interior in the sense of lights- sunshine came in straight so within the store, it was so bright and warm-created soft and cozy space. (Again, if there wasn't much people it could be much better..)
And my brother found this cat sleeping in one of the sleeping house!!!! So.. pretty !!!
He was sleeping the whole time we were there so we gave up and took photo with him while he was sleeping. haha

The girl who bought "Kitty Snack" became a star to all the cats.... She stole my Terry...
All the cats went to her and enjoyed kitty snack. I should have gotten one toooo!!!!! dang

The drink within the store was alright. I ordered green tea latte and my brother orderd ice tea-peach.
They were not much different than other normal cafes. I guess it's just good to go and see the cats...
Also there were many great books about cats. See behind me, there are shelves and it's filled with cute books! If you go there, it will be shame if you don't check them out! I especially loved Ito Junji's diary about his own cats.. it was so adorable and hilarious. Who would imagine world's best horror writer would have such a lovely life with cats??

Coming back home.. passing by my favorite store VIS. (They are little pricey but have the most rare and delicate items within Myundong! Def worth to check them out.)

By the way, the Kitty House entrance fee is 8000won per person. It's one drink included so you get the drink for free and get to stay in the cafe as much as you want!

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  1. that's so cute!! I have a cat at home, so I probably wouldn't go to that kind of place, but I still think that's a nice idea!