Thursday, 17 June 2010

Burn my body

Okay, so this is the season of swimsuits and everyone is so concerned about their body shape....
Therefore, here I am going to suggest some body slimming products for the gals who are trying to shape their body into its perfect condition for the swimsuits.
I have used sooo many different types of body slimming products in my life- overall, I am one of those 365days have-to-be-on-diet type. I gain weight really easily and along with exercise and nutrition control, I tried numerous body gel products for shaping the body. Some worked, and some didn't.
Today, I will recommend the best item I have used before-which I am still using- after many failure with other products.

This is Japan brand called SANA Esteny. I have tried all of their slimming products and it's the BEST overall. Especially this one works great on my tummy fat. After you put it on your waist and massage it for 5 minutes, it slowly gets super hot. Literally, HOT. I used it in the winter and after I came back from the gym and took a shower- put this and go out, I always fetl very warm. It feels great and I actually felt my cellulites going away after using it for about 3 weeks. (Thou you have to massage it well-put some effort.)
These are other items from SANA- they work pretty good.
Nothing compare to those products where it's super expensive and you use it- nothing happens forever. These products I actually saw some good changes. I strongly recommend it. 

Oh, I also recommend this-

This product is pretty famous- and I am sure some of you have used it before. I just really loved how It feels so cool when I put them on my legs. It smells good and makes my skin super smooth and soft. Change in cellulite? I didn't see too much difference as I did with SANA, but I was satisfied with it overall. You just feel great when you put them on. 

SANA-you can easily order them from Ebay. It's easy to get them in here Korea, but
only way to get them in US or Europe would be Ebay or maybe Amazon. 
Hope everyone achieve great body shape for this summer! 

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