Friday, 11 June 2010

It's Rainy here

There are so many fashionable rain boots on the street!! I was surprised when I went to Myundong since so many people were wearing them and every single stores were selling a lot of them. It definitely shows Korea's lightning-speed fashion trend that sweeps through the fashion streets-although sometime it is bit annoying to accidentally run into someone wearing the same boots as you on the street. (which happens quiet often in here)
So it seems like the simple, plain black-matte rain boots and super bright RED candy color boots are the most popular style of this season.(according to one of the seller)
We, also prepared for this cutie trend item- From simple designs to fun patterns, colors varies as well from black to bright candy colors. They are very comfy and importantly- doesn't look out of place in this weather! It's time for the rain boots-finish your casual style with these cuties-especially if you have been missing your fashionable winter boots.

HY-03999 mid heel wellington rain boots 

JY-05503 taping bow front patent wellington boots 

EH-02754 candy color matte wellington wellies rainboots 

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