Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Style of the Day from KENZI 2

Following the long trend of lace tops- matched it with the most popular denim shorts of the season. This distressed denim short matches perfectly with this new lace top. The top is much more loose fit-than our other lace tops which were tight fit- giving more freedom to add sleeveless underneath the top-you can always play with the colors or patterns inside of this type of see-thru shirts-so be creative about it! 
Another hottest trend item of the season is mesh footless leggings! They are great item to add tip of punk and sexy into your outfit. I got one from Hongdae and have been wearing it pretty often since then. You don't die from the weather outside-since its blessed material still gives you space to breath. 
Match it with sexy high heels or with comfortable sneakers and walkers-they match with basically anything.

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