Saturday, 26 June 2010

Trend Report- Baggily heavenly

These days I don't wear mini skirts and shorts as often as I did last year. Somehow, I am bit concerned to wear them because I don't feel comfortable showing too much skin-which is weird since I have never felt that way. Well, whenever I come back to Korea, my fashion style change since the culture is really different-and in this culture, you become extremely self-conscious and care about what other people think about you on the street. No wonder why I felt such a freedom in my fashion when I came to US when I was 15. If you are not skinny enough, you are basically not allowed to wear skinny jeans or shorts and mini skirts that completely shows the skin and shape of your legs. I mean, it doensn't really matter if you wear them or not, but you feel other's eyes on the street really strongly. So if you challenge such culture and walk around the street with shorts when you are not slim-enough, you will feel others' eyes watching your legs-saying "i don't think u should wear them" -type of look.
Anyways, I am not trying to talk about my sadness being in here but to explain new savior that became trend- basically saved me from temptation to wear shorts and skirts. Baggy pants, harem pants and those loose trousers are becoming a huge trend on the street. I have recently purchased 2 baggy pants and they are amazing. They makes the outfit both casual and chic at the same time! It looks so stylish with my high heels. I always have wondered what kind of shoes I should match with them-but guess what-they goes perfectly with basically anything. Even sneakers look cute with them.
Also matching them with tailored jacket is awesome, too. It creates whole artist-in-business look. I am so into these pants and am having fun with new baggy pants coming out in various fun patterns and colors. I recently even saw the space-patterned baggy pants decorated with bunch of stars. It was so gorgeous. (although i didn't get to purchase one..pretty but not my style)

Here are some of the baggy pants we feature at our store. Check them out!

 HY-04280 Drop crotch harem pants 

EH-02744 Wrap front cropped harem pants

67406 Drop crotch layered look harem dolce pants 

HY-04661 Flower print alicia baggy pants 

pt-196 Leopard print baggy pants

pt-198 Pintucked urban trousers

JY-05729 Ethnic print jeremy harem pants

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