Saturday, 6 February 2010

Animal Prints

It's time to be a little tiger gals!!!! jk jk
Who doesn't love animal prints? I know some of ma ppl who really are not into animal prints. I do understand because I used to be one of you. I think it was because such a strong image it gives..but I prepared some animal print items that will not visually overload your style but still nice to give a point. First thing comes to my mind as I think about animal print is- sexy and punk. Every cultural fashion groups love leopards- Japanese gyaru, punk gals, and girls like me who are in between! Guess what I prepared for Storets!!



Inspiration comes from Zac Posen and Roberto Cavalli- I love those designers!
Have you ever seen Cavalli's collaboration with H&M?
I own one dress from that time. It is chiffon leopard long dress that looks like above images. However, I customed the dress and made it shorter since I am one of those mini size. Maxi dress never works for my height. (berry berry unfortunately) 
Anyways, it's amazing how those prints give such a strong feeling. Isn't it overwhelming? They are just gorgeous and so sexy! I know thou it would be nice if those dresses would actually look good on not-so-model types. So here is some different items we suggest- they are casual, punky, and very comfortable- only featured in STORETS!

1. HY-02703-Snake patterned fabric loose fit leopard dress  $40.79
2. PY-00330- leopard angora knit sweater $40.79
3. JY-04409-Loose fit Leopard tank top $23.45
4. HY-03101-Leopard print knit tunic mini dress $43.85
5. HM-02164-Heart shape leopard shirts $29.57
6. JY-03929-Sequined mini dress $49.97
7. PY-00124-Zebra print jersey dress $35.69

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