Sunday, 21 February 2010

Celeb Style- Aoi Yuu

Have you ever seen the movie Honey and Clover? What about Everything About Lily Chou-Chou?
Or Hana And Alice?  If you are big Japanese movie fan, and haven't watched these films, you definitely MUST check them out. Aoi Yuu is one of the most popular Japanese actress and she has been in many great movies- which I personally think they are all super beautiful...

Aoi Yuu's style is very pure. If I could explain her as type of landscape or location, I would say Hokkaido. When everything is covered with snow in Hokkaido.. that landscape, flawless landscape- beautifully clean, pure, and snows shines like dust of stars. I always admired her style. It's so artistic, free, and simple. 








Above images are from her photo book Dandelion.

My favorite character she played was Hagumi- from Honey and Clover.
I watched the movie first, and got to read the manga. I personally recommend to read manga. Movie is made beautifully, but it doesn't convey enough details I pleasantly found in manga. Those beautiful details of expression and emotions-so subtle and so delicate. It portrays youth memories and stories about friendship, love and life. Oh the best thing about the movie is- of course, Aoi Yuu and her art. Her style in the movie is so beautiful!!!

Make sure to watch the movie- and you will soon become Yuu followers. She definitely is my style guide as well. Here I introduce some of our products I would recommend for her romantic artist style.

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  1. yes i have watched honey and clover... i love that aoi yui is such a eclectic actress in the sense that she seems to have this unique style, like the shyness which i find rather appealing...
    Please do visit my blog too. have a nice day.