Sunday, 14 February 2010

Celeb Style- Miyazaki Aoi

So continuing from last posting- Nakashima Mika's NANA, I thought I should post another one for the other NANA, Miyazaki Aoi. Some of you who loves the manga would know- Gomatsu Nana, the girl who has the same name with Osaki Nana (Nakashima Mika). I think it was such a great casting! Aoi fits perfectly to Gomatsu Nana. I was very disappointed when Aoi did not come out in the second movie. I am personally huge fan of Aoi and love all of the movies she is in. For example, I own dvds of "Tada, Omaeo Aishiteru" and "Sukida". Aoi is such a beautiful actress. She has such a pure face, and her trademark- GORGEOUS SMILE.



 Above is my favorite pictures of her. I think Aoi fits with Gomatsu Nana so perfectly because of her visual appearance really matches with Gomatsu Nana's overall characteristic- stupidly pure, sometime very dumb, immature, dreamy, fall in love easily, sensitive and very dependent on people. However, she is always learning new things- growing as time goes. I think her as Chizuru in the movie "Tada, Omaeo Aishiteru" reflects such point as well. Chizuru grows as time goes. Aoi seems like a girl who has many layers of herself, learning about things, slowly take of those layers one by one- become mature. 

And of course, here are some other items inspired by Gomatsu Nana- Aoi.
Her looks are mostly very feminine- especially in her role as Gomatsu Nana. In the movie NANA,
her style focuses on SUPER feminine, elegant style. She is like typical Cancam magazine style I guess. If you want to know what I am talking about, google Cancam magazine and you will see. :)

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  1. She is beautiful star. Thank you for the wonderful pictures.
    Please show more when you have time.