Monday, 1 February 2010

90's Denim

It's back again!! 
Denim always been our favorite...i mean, who doesn't wear jeans? Thou, It's not about jeans, it's about denim. What's up with denim? It can be classic, wild, and at the same time, very cute. Denim seems to represent type of freedom- and yes, Youth. I love anything denim, but especially those overalls onepiece that fits perfect to my studio outfit. I am not those muddy painters- sorry for those of you who are, I still want to be stylish in the studio while I'm working. Represent yourself in denim-show your energy and youth- match up with pretty skirts or heels to give some highlights!

Here we introduce some of the hottest jean selections from our favorite brands.


Photos are collected from Jean Paul Gautier, Stella McCartney, and Daryl K.

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