Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Editor's Day


So here is me in my studio. I know it is such a Surprise!! to show myself in our webzine. I just decided to let you gals know who is writing and tell u goodies on this blog. B) 
I am wearing my favorite polka dot cardigan I purchased from H&M few years ago. 
I haven't gone shopping for awhile since I have been too busy. Thou I DO have some stuff I am dying to get as soon as I find time and go shopping. I so want to get new pair of shoes- especially wedge. You know, I just love wearing high heels in general even when I go to the studio to work. Since I have been only wearing high heels, my entire bottom part of my body suffered from my such taste.
So one day my back started to hurt (especially if you run in the high heel to catch the light on the street or catch the bus!!) omg does it hurt!!!!

I decided- I will buy something super comfy this time. For sure, I want something that has wedge heel. Wedge heels are most likely very comfy to wear. Although I just cannot abandon my dirty taste of loving super sharp heels that looks like it can kill someone- I have to have something comfy other than sneakers. I want some heels but still be comfy. 

So I was looking around the web-trying to find some of my favorite style of wedges that I possibly can get very very soon.

 Sam Edelman Zoe Boot $350.00
Colonial Madness by LD Tuttle Laced Wedge Boot $198.00
Jeffrey Campbell Rocks Wedge $148.00
All the images are from Urban Outfitters

Above shoes are my top3 wish list. I just can't stop staring at them! Especially Sam Edelman's beautiful boot... that shoes is just amazing in its design and I heard it is pretty comfy too when you walk on them. Only sad thing is that they are totally out of my price range.
Thou I do have my other favorites from our own store which I think I am very happy with their qualities and designs! Here are few pretty wedge heels of our store! 

HH-00761 Peep toe lace up Wedge heels $64.99

JY-04516 Wedge heel disco heels $64.99

HY-02385 Retro shoes $67.31

You will be very happy with how comfortable they are. If you want to wear high heels 
and still want to be comfy enough and think about your knees, I think you definitely should consider these beautiful stuff!! I am excited to try one of them.

Anyways, gotta go and work! 
Next posting, I will introduce cutest tshirts we recently have updated!
Stay tuned!


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