Friday, 5 February 2010



K is for Khaki! (just kidding)
I love khaki pants and it's true that sometime you kind of get scared to wear khaki pants since it makes your butt looking humongous. (at least in my own experience) However, that is old story now.. Khaki is not only for those skinny gals!- especially the items we are about to introduce-they give such a pretty fit and you will be surprised how urban classic look they will add into your outfit! Always match them with high heels because they will be the killer of your outfit- or, try on pretty sneakers with them to be comfy urban chic!



Above is from some magazine- well, actually it is from the web that I do not remember the specific name. (oops) Just attached to show you different items of Khaki. Alexander Wang's collaboration for GAP was just fabulous- I strongly recommend all of you who haven't seen it yet. They are one of the best example of Khaki and yes Alexander Wang is truly amazing designer when it comes to Khaki- I mean, he is amazing in general. *cough
Here is items we suggest from our store!
Little tip for these items- Try them with simple shirts and cardigans. 
Simpler, the better. 


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