Saturday, 6 February 2010

Celeb style- Nishino Kana


Nishino Kana (or Kana Nishino..) is Japanese singer I recently got to know. I cannot believe I finally listened her songs! Her songs are absolutely beautiful-her voice! It's as soft as Ito Yuna or Nana Muscri but her voice is more girly, candy type which more reminds me of Brilliant Green. (But very different than Brilliant Green, too.) Anyways, her style varies a lot. Her main style that I remember is- magazine Popteen style.(which includes Liz Lisa brand that is often featured in Popteen)
Each of her album shows little different concept but overall, her style can be described as
Popteen. It's style comes from such concept "Tokyo gal goes to California".
Anyways here are some more photos of her.


Her style is similar to J-pop queen Amuro Namie, however her overall visual image is more Japanese than Amuro Namie. It's girly, pop-like, and colorful. PRETTY!!

Make sure to check her songs out, too! They are absolutely beautiful!
And of course, here is our suggestion for gals- Kana style.

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  1. thanks for sharing, i've been trying to find japanese singers i like and i definitely like her voice and music :)