Sunday, 14 February 2010

Celeb Style->NANA- Nakashima Mika

Does anyone does not know about NANA? It's one of the most popular manga in Asia, originally from Japan, created by Yazawa Ai. It was such a huge hit when it was made into actual movie some years ago and our ideal, super-cool rockstar best friend Osaki Nana was played by Nakashima Mika. I mentioned Nakashima Mika in previous posting- about her Snow Flower. (Yuki no Hana)




Above images are some photos from NANA. Nakashima Mika was successful in pulling off Osaki's charismatic image both visually and characteristically. I first got to read NANA in manga when I was second year in middle school. I immediately fell in love with Osaki's Vivienne Westwood- inspired style. ORB accessories and that famous heart jacket were just beautifuly illustrated within manga. Yazawa Ai( the writer) is very well known for her fashion-related stories and all of her other books are illustrated so beautifully that although you are not really into fashion, those illustrations make you fall in love with it.


So anyways, Nakashima Mika used to have more soft and feminine images in her previous albums, but after NANA came out as a movie, she seems to be perceived more widely in Osaki's image. That charismatic, beautiful, strong, brave, cool, talented, subtle and sensitive character- combined with her punk fashion within her band BLAST.  Here I introduce some of our items inspired by this beautiful singer....

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