Saturday, 6 February 2010

Celeb Style- Danaka Miho

So I previously introduced one of our favorite Japanese model- Danaka Miho. She is one of the most beautiful asian model I saw so far. Since Miho is the main model of the magazine Non-no, I have been reading non-no since I was in middle school. My favorite thing about Miho is her unique face expression and her short hair- she is tom-boyish, but very cute and sunny. I can explain her as Vitamin C- type of model. There has been her behind-the-scene photos in Non-no and I took a close look at them all the time. Yes, her outfits and styles are just absolutely brilliant on the photo, but her own style outside of photoshoots are still very awesome. Here I introduce her unique casual style.

You get what I meant by Vitamin- C? Above two photos are from her A-Seven brand modeling. I fell into A-Seven becaue of her. Somehow my styles was all inspired by her ever since my middle school years.







These are all from Non-no. Non-no has great coordi all the time and the best thing about them is they always suggest different coordi for the same items. They match up same items- suggesting different ways to wear them. So if you get just three items featured in Non-no, you already have a suggested one-week coordi! It become very handy when I spend one hour deciding what to wear in front of my closet while I have tons of clothes.

Anyways, so you get an idea of her style in magazine? I should say they are typical Non-no styles that has been very popular in Japan. You match up pretty color tights with simple tops, matching up vests with mini dress, boots with denim shorts.. and so on. A lot of times, they are very mild, and safely stylish. Compare to other magazines such as VIVI and PINKY,  they have visually comfortable coordi that anyone can wear.
Okay, enough with introducing magazine, here is some of her other shots.


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