Sunday, 28 February 2010

Editor's story

Alo gals!! So I am here in my studio again updating my diary for last week....
I know I have been busy again and couldn't update too often this week, but
glad to upload some photos I took past couple weeks. So above photo is from last 
Friday when it snowed like crazy in here Chicago! Isn't it so beautiful? I took it on my 
way back home from the studio.

And on three days ago on the way back from my work, the sky was super BLUE.
My work is at Southport and I thought I should update some photos from the place.


This is the art room where me and my supervisor works.. 
It's very small but so cozy and dusty...many many creative stuff born in this place.
I will soon update some displays and items I worked on past weeks since I started working here!
And this is my room window....
Random updates from my daily life..

One of my work from last year- FurFur Display window I made.
I just LOVE FurFur... although their price is way over there.
Will soon upload the postings about them. They are amazing!

I am so tired today... have been painting for the display all day and my show coming up soon in March 27th. Hope all of you gals are having good weekend and yes, have a wonderful new week! I'll keep updated with new items from our store. 

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